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About Us

Ethiopia, as the Birthplace of Coffee, is known throughout the world for its rich variety of coffees and cup profiles.  Some buyers use words like floral, spicy, juicy and mysterious to describe our coffees. Others are lost for words. 


Coffee is found throughout our country in many types of environments from a few trees in a small household garden, to a vast forested hillside where it grows wild. We believe this diversity is our greatest asset.

Sidama coffees exemplify this wealth of flavors and landscapes. From the rugged mountains of Bensa, to the valleys of Dale and Aleta Wendo, there is coffee. Sidama produces more washed coffee than any other zone in the country and has built a reputation for quality over many decades. Coffee is engrained in our people's way of life

The Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union provides marketing, credit and technical services to 47 primary cooperative societies and over 70,000 farmers. We welcome coffee buyers large and small to sample this diversity and build a partnership with us and our farmers.





Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union

Dawi Building 2nd Floor, Debre zeit Road, P.O. Box 122062 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel: 251 - 11 - 440 - 7165, Fax: 251 - 11 - 440 - 7166, Mobile: 251 - 911 - 24 73 26, Email: sidacoop@ethionet.et