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  • Organic Certification
    Thirty nine cooperatives out of 51 have been certified organic by CERES certification of environmental standards GmbH with a potential exporting capacity of over 9,000 tons of coffee per year..

  • Fair Trade Labeling Organization FLO Certification
    Thirty nine primary cooperatives are inscribed in FLO certification and have the potential to produce 10,000 tons of coffee per annum.

  • UTZ KAPEH Certification
    Three primary cooperatives are certified by the UTZ KAPEH foundation in the Netherlands and produce 450 tons of green beans per annum.  Certification for five other cooperatives is currently underway.

  • ECX/Auction Market Waiver
    Our union has obtained special permission to by-pass the ECX/Auction market and sell directly to international buyers.


  • Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA)

  • Eastern African Fine Coffee Association (EAFCA)

  • Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce (AACC)




offers certification for organic farming and food processing, for Good Agricultural and Good Manufacturing Practices in the food industry, and for organic textiles and biofuels.

Fairtrade Labeling was created in the Netherlands in the late 1980s.
Producers registered with FLO receive a minimum price that covers the cost of production and includes an extra premium that is invested in the local community.  

Utz Kapeh is a worldwide certification program for responsible coffee production and sourcing.  Utz Kapeh, "good coffee" in the Maya language, offers assurance of social and environmental responsibility in coffee production.





Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union

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